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Working Together


Co-Active Coaching holds that clients are creative, resourceful, and whole. They have the best answers to their own life's questions. My role is to help move you closer to where you want to be at your highest and best by challenging the status quo, asking probing questions, and offering new perspectives that encourage growth.

If we discover we are a good fit for each other during our initial call and want to work together, then this is what to expect from me as your coach:

  • confidentiality

  • listening intently

  • me showing up authentically

  • holding a safe space for self-exploration

  • asking powerful questions that evoke inquiry

  • a plan of action that opens new possibilities for growth

  • my curiosity and creating opportunities for new perspectives

  • acting as an accountability partner during the coaching journey


I promise that our work together will sometimes be uncomfortable and stretch you beyond your comfort zone which is where the real journey begins.


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